We create welfare developing safe and innovative foods from the field to the world.

Valle Frío is a Chilean company focus on frozen fruits, specializing in manufacturing solutions for both national brands and private labels. We offer IQF fruits to major retailers worldwide through a unique sourcing model that starts directly from fields to overseas destinations.


Juan Sebastián Moreno Urzúa founded the company in 1975, initially dedicated to fresh fruit and bulk sales.

In the early 1980s, the company shifted towards the IQF frozen fruit business, focusing primarily on value-added products for retail private labels, food service, and industrial clients.

Following the acquisition of Nutrisco in 2022, Valle Frío SpA was born, exporting and distributing to leading retail and food service chains worldwide, providing comprehensive solutions for the entire frozen fruit category.

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Commercial Office (Santiago): El Golf, Las Condes, Chile.

Nutrisco Chile Distribution Center (Santiago): 12,000 storage positions, 25,000 m2.

Curicó Plant (Romeral, Curicó, VII Region): 13,000 storage positions, 30,000 tons freezing capacity, 17,000 m2.

Angol Plant (Angol, Los Ángeles, IX Region): 1,000 storage positions, 1,000 tons freezing capacity, 1,000 m2.

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In 2017, Valle Frío created BOU, an innovative brand of IQF fruits and fruit purees for traditional, retail, and food service channels. Today, we have over 60 SKUs distributed in Chile by Nutrisco S.A.

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With a market capitalization of US$10.135 billion as of 2021, our group is present in various industries, including Forestry, Energy, Food, and other investments.

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